Trufa (n) ['tru.fa] 

The Spanish believe that a good white and black truffle grows only in soil that has the perfect balance of nature's finest ingredients.  The flavor is described to be smooth and earthy, with a hint of nuttiness in the end.  Indulging in a truffle is an experience in itself, at first bite you’re hit with an indescribable rich flavor that tells you that “hey, this is something special”.  The second says “this tastes amazing”.

The third, fourth and last bite becomes pure indulgence—you are spoiled.

This is the experience we want to give at Trufa Pasta Bar.  

A result of the friendship of a cooky Catalan guy and a true-blue Filipina who both share the same passion for an old Italian favorite—pasta. Trufa Pasta Bar combines the exciting dining scenes in Barcelona and Manila.  It’s a fusion of cultures; pasta recipes from Italy, recipes conceived in Spain all the while using local ingredients to maintain freshness for every plate served.
Because we know food tastes better when it’s made fresh, each dish is prepared right when you order. Our pastas are made from scratch, and sauces are whipped up on the spot and depending on the way you like it. Each forkful brings a true tastebud celebration.
That’s the Trufa promise.

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